Florence says: The idea came to me, when I am purchasing clothes for a child or a toddler.  I very often find myself not completely satisfied with the quality of the material and the cut of the model.  Raw materials to be used, will consist in natural materials such as cotton. I always search for the kind of clothing I used to wear as a child, which were made of high-quality materials. This is how a project to offer clothes that remind me of my childhood, was born.

With business partners, we have oriented ourselves towards ateliers in Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Estonia. We have chosen these countries because of their know-how, their high standards, attention to details and most importantly, the values we share. The clothes are made of best quality materials and respect the environment. These are clothes that have a history, a personality and that constitute ethical brands.

By wearing our clothes, we want children to feel as though they are in a magical universe, innocent; that they are the protagonists of a beautiful poem.

Nowadays, we are able to offer our children more than the past generations could. Thus, we try to provide them with them the best things we can find, including clothes.

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents and other relatives, all have the innate desire to please the children in their life but at the same time they would like to offer them gifts that somehow reflect their own ideals.

So, on this platform of Rhea's SOKO, we offer clothes and accessories for children from 6 months to 10 years; wonders that reflect your image.

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