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Florence says: In November 2016, I met Ellen Veeck, Mineralogist in Idar-Oberstein (Germany). Ellen made me discover and fall in love with gemstones from all over the world, stones that expose the splendours and treasures of our planet. She introduced me to her work, and I was able to appreciate her designs of contemporary Jewelry resulting from a high-quality art and handcraft articulated around beautiful precious stones.

After this encounter, we decided to collaborate in making jewels, make them known to the world by distributing them through Rhea's SOKO platform.


Puzzle Watches


Puzzle Watches are jewelry watches characterized by impeccable precision and reliability as well as beautiful aesthetics. The Puzzle Watches have the advantage of helping you express your personality through to the possibility of creating endless combinations by exchanging various casings, dials with a different design, leather bracelets with more than 50 colours and a multitude of precious stones that adorn them.

Ellen Veeck conceived the Puzzle Watches in collaboration with Pierre M. and Traco AG to arrive at a result of contemporary watches of a very technical and a high standard.

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