Moonstone Necklace mit Trop
Moonstone Necklace mit Trop
Moonstone Necklace mit Trop
Moonstone Necklace mit TropMoonstone Necklace mit TropMoonstone Necklace mit Trop

Moonstone Necklace mit Trop


Product Description
Stone :
  • Moonstone: “The Stone of the moon is a part of the family of Feldspars: stones of fields with multiple small strips. The family of feldspars includes two sub-families: the potassium feldspars and the plagioclases.”

The Moonstone is a potasso-sodic feldspar, formed by an ex-solution of orthose in the albite, said " perthite " or "orthoclase", in the lunar reflections (where from its name), phenomenon says adularescence.

Deposits: Sri Lanka as well as Brazil, the United States, India, Madagascar, Myanmar.

Cut in cabochons.
Indian moonstone: present frequently a brilliant aspect, and, but very rarely, of the asterism, on an intense thorough color.

Moonstone has been used in jewelry for centuries, including ancient civilizations. The Romans admired moonstone, as they believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon.

Both the Romans and Greeks associated Moonstone with their lunar deities.

Alloy : Silver


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