Peridot Necklace
Peridot Necklace
Peridot Necklace
Peridot NecklacePeridot NecklacePeridot Necklace

Peridot Necklace


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Product Description
Stone :
  • Peridot: Also called “Chrysolite” - Stone of gold in Grec. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that occur  in only one color: an olive-green. The intensity and tint of the green, however, depends on the percentage of iron that is contained in the crystal structure, so the color of individual peridot gems can vary from yellow, to olive, to brownish-green. In rare cases, peridot may occur in a medium-dark toned, visually pure green with no secondary yellow hue or brown mask
Alloy : Silver Bi


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